Stanley Kay Scholarship

Drummer Scholarship

“If you LOVE [drumming] you will definitely succeed as a player. If you LIKE it, you should do something else!” — Stanley Kay

Stanley Kay is well known for his on-going stint as manager of the Buddy Rich Band and also for drumming in Buddy’s stead. Throughout the 1940s, 50s, & 60s Stanley played for musical greats Patti Paige, Frankie Laine and Josephine Baker. He went on to conduct and create acts for show biz icons Maurice and Gregory Hines (“Hines, Hines and Dad”) and actress Michele Lee. In the 1980s he became Entertainment Director for The New York Yankees and in 1992 founded the world-renowned DIVA Jazz Orchestra. Stanley remained DIVA’s creative force and CEO until his passing in June, 2010.

DIVA honors the musical legacy, integrity, creativity and excellence of Stanley Kay through a scholarship, offering an opportunity for a seriously swingin’ big band drummer between the ages of 15—25 to attend summer music camp free of charge.